For patients, Candor Care was built on a direct to consumer model of healthcare. No middle man, no competing interests, just one doctor caring for one patient. Healthcare purified.
Candor Care has no partnership arrangements with kickbacks to providers, and there are no financial intermediaries between the physician and the patient. This is the only way physicians can truly fulfill our fiduciary duty towards the patient’s health.



We usually don’t talk to strangers. Please
introduce yourself by completing the form here.

2. Schedule
courtesy visit

Make a New Patient Interest
appointment online to reserve your spot.

3. Health Check

Complete the specialty appropriate
Health-Check form you
receive from the Clinical Care Team.

4. Group Call

Our Clinical Care Team will
contact you next about your
options and availability for a
group call.

5. Meet the Doc!

Attend your scheduled group call to learn more
about our individualized approach to care.



Complete them!

2. Billing options

Set up your monthly
subscription online, if
interested in continuity of

Start a Subscription
Without an active
subscription, your visits will
be assessed under the
consultative care model,
per visit or per package, at
the time of appointment

3. Appointments

Make an appointment, according to whatever is the best fit for your needs at the time.
Manage your appointments online. By now, you would have private 1:1 messaging access to our entire Clinical Care Team.

4. Recent
doctor’s exam

We do require a note of your
most recent complete physical
exam from your Primary Care
Provider, so our physicians
can review your baseline
medical health prior to our
first clinical visit.

5. Ready to go!

Access our proprietary electronic interface for a
life-time of personal connection to your virtual
doctor, and allow us to lead you to better health.

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We have made it easy for you to share a gift of health with your loved ones!
Remember: They would still have to complete all our Practice Policies the same as any other patient, prior to receiving any healthcare services with our Board Certified physicians.

The Clinical Care Team is available  during business hours. You can direct message your physician securely, at any time with any concern, after becoming a member of our panel.

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