Philosophy of care

Imagine a level of care and access reminiscent of small town America before the advent of commercialized, impersonal medicine. We take you back in time: Medicine at Candor Care is optimally personal and patient-focused.

We are physician-owned, and physician-led, by US Board-Certified physicians. We have created workflows which improve quality and health outcomes, while remaining patient- and clinician-centered. Our doctors retain a small panel of patients, and make every effort to provide same day appointments for our members. We thrive in that rare space where modern medicine intersects with old-fashioned compassion.

Our “why” is straight-forward: We love clinical medicine. We have witnessed the decline in healthcare services over the years, and find the status quo simply unacceptable.

The practice of medicine remains the noblest of all callings, and we strive to hold ourselves to the highest of ethical and professional standards. We are determined to demand change, as our patients need it the most.

Scheduling your first meeting with us is easy:

1. Introduce yourself

  • We usually don’t talk to strangers. Please introduce yourself by completing the form here.

2. Schedule courtesy visit

  • Make a New Patient Interest appointment online to reserve your spot.

3. Health Check

  • Complete the specialty appropriate Health-Check form you receive from the Clinical Care  Team.

4. Group Call

  • Our Clinical Care Team will contact you next about your options and availability for a group call.

5. Meet the Doc!

  • Attend your scheduled group call to learn more about our individualized approach to care.

Courtesy “Meet the Doc” Visits

During your Courtesy “Meet the Doc” visit, you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have about our processes. We encourage you to explore all parts of our website, to get the most information you can prior to this call. You are welcome to attend as many group calls as you want to!

We hope to answer any questions you have during this group call, after which, if you are interested, we can share Candor Care’s Practice Policy documents to complete your check-in process.


It is rare that we get the opportunity to learn from the aggregated misfortunes of others. Yet, that’s what we offer you here. Stay tuned to our stories of human experiences in American healthcare…

Meanwhile, we would love to hear your ideas on what events would be of interest to you – please chat with our Website Care Team during business hours to let us know, so we can make arrangements for the same.

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