We are a “virtual clinic”, offering private telemedicine only, and hopefully, your “virtual doctor” for life. Unlike every insurance driven telemedicine platform, where the patient likely never sees the same physician twice, doesn’t know who their doctor is, or what their qualifications are, and no one ever seems to know the patient, Candor Care’s Board Certified physicians establish a long-term personal relationship with the patient, one whom we get to know and treat individually.


Children are not little adults.
Over the last two decades, the specialty of pediatrics has evolved rapidly to challenge that paradigm for parents and providers everywhere. With Candor Care, you and your child are supported in your understanding of every health care decision, and can move together towards wellness with confidence.

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For patients:

For patients, we will always have a limited panel, and maintain a wait-list as necessary, to ensure that your medical concern gets our full attention all the time. Communication is the crux of good healthcare, and we have created electronic processes which will facilitate that for us.

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For providers:

For providers, we will serve as your in-house consultant. By being available to your patient via telemedicine, we offer the access while you manage your clinic and staff. We  provide timely communication about the virtual care we were called to give, allowing you to always be their medical home, only augmented.

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